10 Tips to Turn Followers into Customers eBook
Use social media marketing to build your authority, create raving fans, and make your impact in the world!
What You'll Learn In this Book 
Schedule Your Content Like A Boss:
Do you struggle with consistently adding more value to your prospective followers with your instagram posts? Tired of being on the #posteveryday cycle? Learn how to silence the overwhelm once and for all by strategically planning your value-adding content in advance.

Boost Your Engagement Game!
Are you leaving your followers with a “they get me!” impression? What are you doing to stay in the minds of your new and current followers? Learn how to leave a lasting impression with your target audience in ways that tons of other people aren’t even showing you! 

Become A #HashtagHero

It’s more than a number sign, boo! If you’re using hashtags just for the sake of it without strategy, it’s no wonder you’re not seeing the impact that YOUR message offers. You need strategy with your hashtags to be effective and efficient! Learn how to make your hashtag strategy skyrocket your reach and get your message out there!
About Lucy Vincent 
Lucy has worked on campaigns for some of the top brands including Grey Goose, Rolex & Amex. More importantly she has spent 7 years learning the tactics to fully grasp the power of social media marketing generating thousands of dollars in business for herself and her clients alike. 

More recently, Lucy has become enthusiastic about the power of video marketing and how 1 piece of content can create multiple pieces of content that act as an evergreen lead generation for her personal business as well as her clients.  

"It's clear that video marketing is one of the most powerful tools out there today, I wanted to make sure that I could provide my clients with services that generate the highest ROI for their business with the least amount of work." 
-Lucy Vincent 
Founder of LVS Digital 
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