Simple Facebook Messaging Tips to Win Customers
Become confident connecting with new prospects outside of facebook groups knowing that you can add value to their lives by offering them a solution that they're looking for! 
What You'll Learn In Doc
How to Build Relationships
People buy from people who they know like and trust. For many professionals this process can take weeks and weeks, in this doc I'll share messaging with you that will help you reduce the time it takes to get people to know like and trust you. 
Position Yourself as an Authority
Learn how to quickly establish yourself as the authority figure 
How to Book Sales Calls 
Easily get people off the facebook messaging app so you can have a 1 on 1 call where you can take them through your sales process while still adding value. 
About Lucy Vincent 
Lucy has worked on campaigns for some of the top brands including Grey Goose, Rolex & Amex. More importantly she has spent 7 years learning the tactics to fully grasp the power of social media marketing generating thousands of dollars in business for herself and her clients alike. 

More recently, Lucy has become enthusiastic about the power of video marketing and how 1 piece of content can create multiple pieces of content that act as an evergreen lead generation for her personal business as well as her clients.  

"It's clear that video marketing is one of the most powerful tools out there today, I wanted to make sure that I could provide my clients with services that generate the highest ROI for their business with the least amount of work." 
-Lucy Vincent 
Founder of LVS Digital 
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